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Why customers love Jump Swim

Jump! Swim Shreveport is locally owned and personally managed by Jim and Virginia Bullock, life-long residents of Shreveport/Bossier. 


First thing you will notice when you walk through our front door, is how warm our purpose-built indoor facility is. Our pool water is heated at 90 degrees and  maintained daily to keep you and your child healthy and safe.


Once the class starts you will immediately notice our small class sizes and small learning environment. We run a maximum of 2 classes at one time, and having your child learn away from the pressure of crowds allows them to focus on their lesson with minimal distractions. This delivers the perfect environment for teaching swim skills.


Swim classes are a weekly scheduled class with the same time and day each week. This gives parents and children the structure and routine needed to promote ongoing development.


Children Swim fees are paid up-front monthly in advance based on the number of lessons in the month. There is also a one-time registration fee of $25.00 for both Adult and Child Group Classes and Adult and Child Private Classes. With paid registration each Child or Adult Swimmer receives a t-shirt and pair of swim goggles or if child is in diapers, child receives a “Splash About Re-usable Swim Diaper".


We offer Parent and Child Classes (30-minute lessons), Learn To Swim Classes (30 minute lessons)at a cost of $24.00 a lesson. Children Private lessons (3 years - 14.5 years) at a cost of $68.00 a lesson. 


We also offer Adult Group (age 15 and over) are 1 Hour long lessons with a Max of 6 students in the group - This class is for ages 15+ years of age at a cost of $58.00 a lesson. Pay up front for 2 lessons at a time for a totally cost of $116.


Adult Private are 1 hour long at a cost of $82.00 a lesson. Pay up front for 2 lessons at a time for a totally cost of $164.



Parent and Child Classes

We teach babies age 3 months up to Age 2 or 3 in our Parent/Child classes. Classes are 30 minute lessons. In parent and child levels, a parent is required in the water. We are leveraging off the trust built with a parent/relative to help them through initial stages of conditioning and confidence. We also recommend that you wear a top that can be easily held by your child. Parent child classes have a maximum of 6 parents with their child in the water. Lessons are 30 minute lessons.


Learn to Swim Classes

Ages 3 and older to age 14 in our Independent child with a teacher classes

Classes are 30 minutes lessons for the above categories. A maximum of 4 children in our Beginner Crab  level, Octopus  level get your children really safe in the water. 


Frog, Stingray and Marlin levels are our Skill Based levels. A maximum of 5 students in our Stingray and Marlin levels.

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Private Lessons and Adult Classes

All Private lessons are set up by appointment before or after our regular scheduled classes. We also offer Adult Group and Adult Private - Under the American Red Cross "Learn to Swim" program,  The Adult lessons are 1 hour lessons.

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