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A swim school designed for learning

Teaching your child the basics of swimming from just $22/lesson


From 3 months to adults, Jump Swim is the perfect environment for all ages to learn the important skill of swimming and water safety. With 90 degree water and a small center, with only 2 classes at once, Jump Swim is the way swimming should be - in a private center with less distractions.

Children and parents need a clean and hygenic place to learn swimming away from the big crowds to ensure their family stays safe this summer. At Jump Swim we have the perfect environment.

Lessons start at $22.00/wk for children up to 12 years

Lessons start at $55.00/wk for 15 years - adult

Lessons start at $66.00/lesson for private lesson child 

Lessons start at $80.00/lesson for private lesson adults (age 15 and over)

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